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Sangram/Struggle: Music Video
19th Brajamohan Sarma Memorial Annual Lecture
“I don’t want to live in the past”: Shyam Benegal
You Can’t Think of India Without Nehru: Shyam Benegal
S Narendra, advisor to former PM P V Narasimha Rao, speaks on his book 'India's Tipping Point.'
The Extraordinary Life and Times of Harry Belafonte
The Story of Adani: A conversation between Arka Deb & Paranjoy Guha Thakurta
Crony Capitalism: Impact on India's Economy and Democracy – the story of the Adani Group
Adani and Freedom of Expression in India
Launch of The Rafale Deal: Flying Lies? – The Role of PM Modi in India's Biggest Defence Scandal
Dr Narendra Kumar Bhatnagar speaks on his life and times
Democracy and "Corporatocracy" - Where does power lie?
Data, Democracy & Dictatorship; talk at Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics
The Importance of Nitish Kumar
Inequalities in India's Mixed Economic Systems
Remembering Paddy - Padmanand Jha (1955-2022)
Emergency: Then and Now
Dharti Tumhari, Dharti Hamari (English subtitles)
Dharti Tumhari, Dharti Hamari (Hindi & English subtitles)
Dharti Tumhari, Dharti Humari (no subtitles)
Corruption, CBI and I
LIVE: Why is such a large section of India's media so subservient?
Election Commission Blatantly Biased in Favour of BJP in Bengal Polls
বাংলায় ভোট,পর্ব 25-নির্বাচন কমিশন:কী ছিল কী হল
BJP’s Politics Is Close to Fascism: Saugata Roy, Leader, Trinamool Congress
Featured Book: As Author
Sue the Messenger
How legal harassment by corporates is shackling reportage and undermining democracy in India
Documentary: Featured
Featured Book: As Publisher
A Noble Tryst in Tatters