An appeal for financial support

Do you believe that freedom of expression in contemporary India is under threat, more than ever since the 1970s? If your answer is “yes,” consider supporting Paranjoy.

Check out what Wikipedia has on Paranjoy: Paranjoy will be in the near future:
  • publishing new editions of the book on the Rafale deal (co-authored with Ravi Nair) in different Indian languages;
  • co-publishing and co-authoring (with a team of writers and researchers) a book on the untold story of the incredible rise and sudden fall of Gautam Adani’s corporate empire; and
  • co-authoring an investigative multi-media account of untold story of Reliance Jio.
He will be publishing other books and websites, and producing and directing a number of documentary films as well as feature films. These would broadly focus on crony capitalism in India and the manner in which the country’s natural resources are mis-allotted and mis-priced, are in the offing. To donate, please click on the button below: