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All articles tagged 'BJP'

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Cow waving the tricolour Narendra Modi, Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP, Kanhaiya Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, JNU March 9, 2016
Why the CBI raid on the Delhi secretariat could backfire on the Central government CBI, BJP, Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Narendrao Modi December 15, 2015
Why the Bihar defeat will force the BJP to become more like the Congress Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitley, BJP, Bihar, elections November 9, 2015
Reminders of raj dharma Narendra Modi, Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP, intolerance November 3, 2015
The Business of Politics: Sun TV and the Maran Brothers BJP, Sun TV, DMK August 29, 2015
Bihar is not Patna Congress, Rahul Gandhi, BJP, Nitish Kumar, AAP, JD(U), RJD, Bihar election July 28, 2015
Post-big-bang BJP Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitley, Yashwant Sinha, Sangh Parivar, Arun Shourie, NDA, BJP, Madhu Kishwar May 18, 2015
Caste and religion take a back seat Narendra Modi, BJP, Lok Sabha, Arvind Kejriwal, Aam Aadmi Party, Clean sweep by Aam Aadmi Party, 2014 polls March 30, 2015
The tensions beneath growth Narendra Modi, inflation, BJP, oil prices, Hindu-Muslim relations December 30, 2014
A united Opposition is a distant dream Congress, BJP, JD(U), RJD, AIADMK December 16, 2014
Polinomics: Didi vs Dada BJP, Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal, Amit Shah, TMC December 2, 2014
Polinomics: The Power of 3 Narendra Modi, Congress, BJP, Hindutva October 22, 2014
India: Freedom of Expression in the Media Narendra Modi, paid news, media, BJP, freedom of expression July 2, 2014
Mass media and the Modi ‘wave’ Narendra Modi, Bharatiya Janata Party, paid news, BJP, media ownership, Modi Wave June 30, 2014
Why India's Narendra Modi faces daunting task Narendra Modi, Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP May 16, 2014
Lok Sabha 2014: Cold Facts over Hype Narendra Modi, Congress, BJP, Lok Sabha, Modi Wave, Aam Aadmi Party, votes March 28, 2014
The underbelly Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP, Karnataka, Bellary, iron ore, mining, Sushma Swaraj September 1, 2011
Why mining in India is a source of corruption Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP, BS Yeddyurappa, Karnataka, Bellary, iron ore, mining, resource curse August 12, 2011
The ABC of the 2G scam Congress, NDA, UPA, A Raja, 2G, TRAI, Telecom Scam, telecom, BJP, CAG, Comptroller & Auditor General, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, BSNL, Bharti, Vodafone, MTNL, crony capitalism January 1, 2011
Politics Perverted Bharatiya Janata Party, Congress, BJP, BS Yeddyurappa, Karnataka, Hans Raj Bhardwaj November 1, 2010
Indian Economy In A Tailspin Yashwant Sinha, GDP, economy, growth, NDA, BJP, gross domestic product, Central Statistical Organisation, CSO, Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, CMIE July 2, 2001
Why Mauritius Has Everything To Do With The Stockmarket Scandal NDA, SEBI, Securities and Exchange Board of India, stock exchange, Joint Parliamentary Committee, JPC, stockmarket scam, BJP, Mauritius June 10, 2001
Go-Slow Reforms Bharatiya Janata Party, Yashwant Sinha, Atal Behari Vajpayee, growth, NDA, Budget, BJP, reforms May 15, 2001
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Thin Dividing Line: India, Mauritius and Global Illicit financial flows
Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, with Shinzani Jain
Penguin Random House India
304 pages
December 2017
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Inferno: Jharkhand's Underground Fires
Date: June 2016Duration: 01:11:42
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Calcutta Diary
By Ashok Mitra
338 pages
December 2014
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Destroying the CBI as an Institution
Date: January 11, 2019Duration: 32:47