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Paranjoy Guha Thakurta

Media Ethics

Truth, Fairness and Objectivity

Publisher: OUP India
Pages: 352
Published: March 2009

Media Ethics is a comprehensive textbook designed for under- and post-graduate students of mass communication and journalism courses. It discusses key ethical issues in the light of the new face of journalism and the dynamic changes that are taking place in media today. The book gives an introduction to readers about ethics, the history of media ethics and journalism in India. The book delves into key issues like truth, objectivity, sensitivity, and privacy. It explores in detail issues related to fairness in reporting and codes of conduct of the Press Council of India. It then discusses the 'media market' with issues like social responsibility, industrial journalism, advertorials, etc. The chapter on media law in India discusses democratic principles, Areopagitica, free speech vs the law, concerns like libel, privacy, copyright, obscenity, contempt of court, and right to free information. The chapter on sting operations discusses investigative journalism, three stages of sting operations - the sting, editing and airing, and the consequences. the chapter on the Internet enlightens the reader about the new media and deals with concerns like plagiarism, misinformation, obscenity, indecency. Ethical issues related to advertising and public relations are also dealt with in detail. The book is aimed at sensitizing media students and working professionals and to make a difference to the quality of journalism currently prevailing in India.

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