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Electronic Voting System Today Doesn't Protect Voter, Booth Secrecy: EAS Sarma | EVM
Interim Budget 2024-25: Confident or Overconfident?
"Chhattisgarh में Congress हारी क्योंकि Tribals का उसमें विश्वास नहीं रहा": Alok Shukla
Broadcasting Bill 2023: Not in Public Interest, Beneficial for Govt, Says Apar Gupta
Assembly Results 2023: 2024 का Semifinal
Assembly Results 2023: जनादेश के मायने
Mizoram's Electoral Contest is Between Mizo National Front and Zoram People's Movement
Telangana Elections: KCR की BRS कुछ आगे, लेकिन Congress भी बना सकती है बढ़त
Rajasthan में Congress और BJP के बीच नज़दीकी मुकाबला: Ashish Ranjan
Congress Has an Edge over BJP in Madhya Pradesh's Bipolar Polity: Ashish Ranjan
Manipur: Ethnic Cleansing or Civil war?
Language and Culture Matter Much More Than Religion: Shyam Benegal
Why No-Confidence Motion Matters
Adani Disclosures Under Scanner: Conflict of Interest or Standard Practice?
Hindenburg-Adani case: What Does the Supreme Court’s Expert Committee Report say?
This DeMo not Like Last one
If My Film Does not Have Me in It, It's Fake: Sudhir Mishra
The Corrupt Are Not Afraid of the Law: Justice N Santosh Hegde
Union Budget 2024: What's in it and for Whom?
बजट 2023 : जनता को क्या मिला, किस क्षेत्र पर कितना ख़र्च?
Budget 2023-24: Should People Care About it?
Unanswered Questions About Rafale Deal
Meta/Facebook is Unlikely to Reform Voluntarily and Would Have to be Regulated
Exclusive: What Made Sophie Zhang a Whistleblower
The Importance of Nitish Kumar
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Loose Pages
Court Cases That Could Have Shaken India
  • Authorship: Co-authored with Sourya Majumder
  • Publisher: Paranjoy
  • 376 pages
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Grand Illusion
The GSPC Disaster and the Gujarat Model
  • Authorship: Subir Ghosh
  • Publisher: Paranjoy
  • 260 pages
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